Thank you!

One cool thing I learned from Austin Kleon‘s book Show Your Work! is Brian Eno’s concept of a “Scenius,” or “Communal Genius“:

If you look back closely at history, many of the people who we think of as lone geniuses were actually part of “a whole scene of people who were supporting each other, looking at each other’s work, copying from each other, stealing ideas, and contributing ideas.”

Special thanks to the following peeps in my “scenius” for making this project happen, whether it was 20 years ago or now:

Heidi Bennett
Jason Brashear
Jewelz Cody
Danger Ranger
Vicky de Monterey
Josh Ellingson
Rebecca Evans
Evil Pippi
Peter Gardner
Kaspr Goodman
Jim Graham
Epiphany Jordan
Jessica Lindsey
David Richoux
Mel Waldorf

If you helped me with this project and I missed your name, well, fuck. Fill out this form, I’ll add you:

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